A collection of product reviews and how-to documents done by Show-Me Mustang Club members

Fire Extinguisher Mount

Fire Extinguisher Mount

Since Mustang Club of America (MCA) shows require you to have a fire extinguisher and it is generally a good idea to have one in your car.

2019 Ford Mustang Horns

2019 Mustang Horns

You brought home your 2019 Mustang home and liked everything about it until you heard the horn sound? I thought there was something wrong with our new California Special when I looked under the hood and found only 1 horn. It sounded more like an import than a Ford Mustang.

Novi Stretch Front-End Mask

NOVI Stretch Front-End Mask

When we travel a lot of times, we put on front-end bras to protect the car. These are heavy vinyl, sometimes flap around & not a good idea to have on in the rain. We have had good luck & even had soft screen sewn in to cover the grill area.  

Now…there’s a new & improved concept!  The NoviStretch Front End Mask & Mirror Covers!

Wolly Mammoth

Woolly Mammoth

We’ve had the Woolly Mammoth premium grade soft microfiber drying towel for a while now but had not used it. 

Helmet Painting

Helmet Painting

Whether you race or just want a cool display piece with your Mustang; a color matched helmet using AutomotiveTouchup paint & products is a great project with WOW results. If using for racing make sure your helmet is compliant with required dates & safety specifications.

Lighted Door Sill Plates

Lighted Door Sill Plates

If you have a 2005-2009 Mustang you may feel left out because your year didn’t come with cool lighted sill plates that later model Mustangs have.

The good thing is you can get the lighted sill plates from a 2010-2014 Mustang or Shelby and put them on your 2005-2009 with very little effort. You can also add them to your 2010-2014 if it didn’t come with that option. 

Shelby Brake Rotors

Shelby Brake Rotors

Recently I changed the brake rotors on Karen’s ’03 Mach 1 with drilled/slotted rotors and ceramic brake pads. The ones I bought were from BrakeMotive on Ebay. Besides the cool holes and slots they have a zinc coating that looks nice and bright. I wanted to do the same on my 2008 Shelby GT500.

Securing Car Cover

Securing Car Cover

With the pop-up storms that happened at the MCA show in Ohio it left many finding their car covers blown halfway off or searching the lot for their cover.

Rear Control Arms

Rear Lower Control Arms

After a lot of research on different control arms and the bushings available I decided on the BMR boxed control arms with poly bushings, these have grease fittings on each end and a fluted bushing design. Since my Shelby is lowered I also added the matching BMR relocation brackets at the same time.  To have the correct geometry your rear lower control arm should be parallel to the ground or better yet the rear of the arm should be lower than the front at a slight rake.

Trunk Relase

Trunk Release

If you have a 2005-2009 Mustang, I’m sure you know that Ford forgot something when they designed the car. Especially if you are at a car cruise and your wife puts her purse in the trunk and you have to use your key FOB to open the trunk when she needs to get in there or if you are cleaning your car in the garage and find you need to get in the trunk and you don’t have your keys with you.

Ceramic Brake Pad

Ceramic Brakes

Stop cleaning your wheels…because of brake dust

Late model mustangs have great brakes compared to the older ones, but it comes with a price, the dreaded black brake dust. Seems with, even regular driving a short distance, your wheels, especially the front turn black and looks like Carl Edwards has been driving it. Being the clean freak I am I started checking the internet to find a cure. I found that changing the brake pads to ceramic not only helps with the brake dust but can also give you great braking performance.

Heater Core

Heater Core Replacement

Don’t know if any of you got the same surprise I did when I fired up our ’66 Fastback after the long winter. First was a small fuel leak and then after I fixed the accelerator pump, I was greeted with the sweet smell of antifreeze. It was a few spots of antifreeze in the interior, so it was the heater core. 

Spring Replacement

Spring Replacement

If you have ever thought about lowering your 2005-up Mustang it really isn't that tough to do. I recently lowered our 2008 GT500 with a set of Ford Racing lowering springs. Ford Racing makes coil springs for most all Mustangs whether you have a V6, GT, Boss or Shelby. 

Auto Touch Up Paint

Paint Touch Ups

As our May 2018 SMMC newsletter Prez letter referenced; we love to drive our Mustangs but dread a paint chip. AutomotiveTouchup has the full line of all the products you need. Next comes the confidence & practice to do your own touch up work. 

Auto Touch Up Model

A Model To Match Your Mustang

AutomotiveTouchup is not only for your “real” Mustang & other cars but the spray can product is a perfect idea to create a matching model! Thanks to SMMC Member, Derrick B. for sharing his creations using AutomotiveTouchup paint. 

Detail Garage Product Trial

Detail Garage Product Trial

If you have an orbital polisher or looking to get one; Detail Garage now in Valley Park, MO carries those (mine is from a different company, so I can’t provide a review on the one Detail Garage sells) but I did...

Chemical Guys MicroFiber Wash

Chemical Guys MicroFiber Wash

Everybody knows that using MicroFiber towels on your cars offers a lot of advancement in detailing. We have done articles in the past on washing car towels but our friends from Detail Garage carry Chemical Guys MicroFiber Wash that will keep your detailing towels at their finest. Seems like I have a lot of loads of car towels since Mitch is a detailing resource for members.

Chemical Guys Quick Detailer

Detail Garage Product Trial

After years of detailing cars & being dedicated to trying new products; I gave Chemical Guys Synthetic Quick Detailer a try due to the claim of anti-static properties & it is my new Go-To product. Thanks to the recent Detail Garage Rides & Coffee and 15% off, I was able to get a great deal on the gallon refill jug. I’ve gotten several other SMMC club-mates hooked on this as well.

Free Air Inflator

Free Air Everywhere-Milwaukee M12 Air Inflator

BY: Mitch Mitchell
This is a tool that you may not know existed or may not know you need, but this is a garage must have. Being under 5lbs also makes it great to pack for a car trip or take to the driveway, car storage, etc. Maybe you have ATV’s or a trailer or even a wheelbarrow that’s not really in a spot to check/fill the tires; this little inflator could save the day.
In minutes I was able to check & air up tires on multiple cars without having to drag a compressor around. You can set your desired air pressure; press start & the inflator will check pressure & then fill to setting you put in. The other feature that you may not think is important is the larger display; I won’t have to search for readers just to air up tires anymore.
It comes with multiple fittings for filling different valves; all conveniently attached to the back of the unit. It sits flat on the ground & with a carrying handle making it super handy. This one came with the battery & charger. Milwaukee is a great brand of tools & equipment. 


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